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SailMaster, Issue #001 -- What's New?
February 19, 2009

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SailMaster, Issue #001 -- What's New?

SailMaster brings you the latest additions to my experiences of the 'best of all things about Sailing.'

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Issue #001, February 19th 2009

Hello and welcome to the first ever issue of SailMaster, the ezine on sailing tips, blogs, links and most importantly your input.

First some news on my part. I am finally doing my RYA Assistant Instructor course after leaving it for a very long time. i have already taught children in the Harp Young Sailors, but this will be an actual qualification for my UCAS. I am doing the course on the weekend.

The week after I am doing the RYA Safety Boat course so that I can do more powerboating, which I enjoy as much as sailing, and help the races on the Welsh Harp.

So I have been a little busy preparing for these courses, but this hasn't stopped me from adding lots of updates to

I have been hard at work, but have finally created a Yahoo! Answers/Wikipedia/Flckr program that I have placed around the site.

There are now three new pages: Ask an Expert!, Sailing Stories and Boat Reviews.

You can find these at:

They are very nice additions that I hope will prove to be very popular. The essence is that you ask a question/post a story/post a review and it gets answered or commented by me and the community of StartedSailing.

For instance in Ask an Expert! I hope that people will take advantage of this and that the more experienced amongst the community will help those novices starting out. The best thing about this is that unlike places like Yahoo! Answers you don't have to register or even leave your name and email. Anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer!

Sailing Stories is open to anyone with an interesting and original tale to tell the community. The funnier/scarier/incredible the better, but anything can go!

Boat Reviews are for people to rave or rant about a boat they sail or have sailed. Share your thoughts and help others make the right decision about boats to buy. Also just get it off your chest and allow others to agree/disagree with your decision.

These I hope will become major parts of life and that we will be able to build a community and following around this about people's experiences, stories and questions.

Please check it out or even be one of the first to share to help this website become a great online sailing community.

Until Next Time
Alex Dotsch

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