Boat Design Software Review: 3D Boat Design

Most boat design software is so complicated you don't know where to get started - which is the same as most software. Your all geared up to start transforming a photo with Adobe Photoshop or making budget sheet with Microsoft Excel, but then the problems start.

The worst part is when the help doesn't work or solve your problem and the customer service is lousy.

Well Andrew Casey's 3D Boat Design is different - doesn't that make a change! It is used by 200,000 amateurs and professionals, who all use it to design their own boats in the simple to use 3d environment.

In the old days, one had to get a sheet of paper and draw over the smudge marks. No more!

So where do I come into this? Well, as I was building this website, I was suddenly struck by the possibility of designing a boat, instead of reviewing loads of other boats - just for fun, I wasn't actually going to build it, but I just wanted to make all sorts of wacky designs, just like when you doodle as a kid!

As I mentioned on the previous article, I had searched everywhere for boat design software and finding 3D Boat Design was a wish come true. It was only $37.95, which is about as low as you going to get with software of this calibre and topic.

You see some companies, on purpose make boat design software almost un-useably difficult so that they can rack up costly support tickets and squeeze as much money out of as possible.

However unlike these other companies, 3D Boat Design has a full range of tips and an FAQ with support included with every purchase. So I learnt all about the software, which wasn't hard as it has a very shallow learning curve and I got the gist of it very quickly.

I decided I wanted to design my own sailing boat and so I started with the hull. I first had to make the shape of it, which wasn't very difficult, because 3D Boat Design has simple 3D scaling, moving and rotating of shapes. I literally sculpted it into position as if it was clay or putty.

I was able to manipulate the system to make my hull, which took only about one hour. After this I took a break, because I was so thrilled with what I had achieved.

I was well on the way to becoming a world class boat designer!

I then decided to test my hull, because the software has great hydrostatic calculations that tell you how to improve your hull. After editing it a bit, I was happy with it.

The great thing about it is that it accommodates amateur designers like myself and professionals who would make full use of its many features with things like the Delft series resistance calculation and The KAPER resistance method.

Of course I don't know what this is all about yet, but I will someday!

Then using a similar method that I used to build my hull, I made the mast and the sails. It ended up looking a bit like a GP14 - probably my unconscious mind working in the background!

I designed my sailboat in about 2-3 hours, but I was just messing about.

As well as having great fun designing your own sailboat you get free upgrades and can use it on as many computers as you want.

So, in conclusion, regardless of whether you want to build a boat yourself or just design boats as a hobby or business, the 3D Boat Design Software is the one tool you can start with and you won't be disappointed!

It is possible, like I said before, to use this boat design software to start your very own boat design business. You could easily sell your very own custom kits to others wanting to build their own boat.

Just create a design and turn it into plans to be sold as a boat building kit, just like so many others are doing. It is certainly an idea to consider...

This is powerful boat design software and yet simple enough for a novice to use and be successful with, right out of the box.

It is hard to imagine being able to get your hands on such incredible software at such an affordable price. Usually, you are told just the opposite as the software developer tries to justify ridiculously overpriced programs.

This isn't the case with 3D Boat Design.

I fully recommend this software to anyone wanting to mess around with boat design or start your own professional boat plan business.

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Hope you enjoy it!