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The Sailing Blog is my day to day journal about sailing. I will be updating it regularly with new tips, new insights as well as how my sailing is going.

I sail every Saturday, so I will mainly be blogging then afterwards with my thoughts on how the race went as well as any lessons learnt, funny episodes or crucifying crashes!

Enjoy the blog...this is fun for me too!

Sailing Blog Posts

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Spring Sailing, Managing Mainsails and Rudderless Racing 
Today was the first time we had sailed in the Spring Series (though it was the second race), because last week Mark and I had been OOD. It was a very …

Two Simple Actions That Can Massively Increase Your Boat Speed On The Beat 
Hello! Welcome to the first post of my new Sailing Blog on This is going to be a weekly or bi-weekly (or even more often if I …

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