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Sailboat design is crucial for the success of the boat being produced. If you don't get it right then someone could get hurt or even die.

However in all certainty, learning how to design a boat is not that hard to learn, which could be very surprising to most people.

Marine engineers go through tough trials to become qualified to build and design boats for the big companies and they may learn one or two things that may influence the boat, which you can't find anywhere else.

But to be honest you don't need a degree to build something yourself. I didn't need a degree in Civil Engineering to build a shed in my back garden with my dad, nor did I need a degree in English Language to write this website.

So why do I need a degree in Marine Engineering to design and build my own boat? Do I need to spend the 4 years or the £12000 (university fees in the UK for four years full-time education - will be substantially more in the USA) to get something that I don't actually need.

These days everyone has become DIY or Do It Yourself, because it is so much more fulfilling and fun than just buying a boat ready made. Anyone can build a boat, without having to spend years in education.

The only problem people face with sailboat design is where to start. This is where most people give up and fail. They have a great idea start searching around and do not want to spend time or money on their new found thrill.

Remember that sailboat design is about having fun and not supposed to be work. This could be a new found hobby or something that you have always dreamed of doing, but never got around to doing it.

Well start now! Be impulsive, do something for the spur of the moment and who knows? You might have the next Laser in your mind!

So, I hope by now that you have decided that you do want to design you own boat and build it.

Well there are two routes to choose from and I will describe one of them both below. They are Start from Scratch or Start from Plans

Start from Scratch

So why would you want to start from scratch? Well it is much more fun than starting from plans for two main reasons: everything about it is yours and it can be up to 50% cheaper than buying it new!

First off, you will be excited to learn that you don't need to run out to the your local home improvement store and buy a whole bunch of new tools. If you are the type to have a home workshop or tool box you probably already have every tool required.

If not, what tools you do not own can easily be borrowed.

The tools needed are not fancy, a relative or neighbour is going to have the tools you do not own.

You can then show off your own, self made sailboat design to your friends and family and feel the pride that comes from creation. Or a much more lucrative and commercial way to take advantage of designing and building something yourself is to sell your plans on to others who like your design.

You cannot do this with plans, as with plans, you can only use it to build your own boat rather than start your own Sailboat Plans business. Of course not everyone is going to make millions with a killer sailboat design, but if the sailboat design is good enough it might make you a decent living.

I decided to explore the options to designing a sailboat...and hit a dead end. There were not very many good quality sources of information to boat building. They either cost hundreds or the free stuff was just advertising for the stuff that cost hundreds.

I had already decided that designing without help or without a computer was out of the question as it is far to difficult to design a buildable boat on plain paper.

You might be thinking to yourself, "it's crazy believing I can build my own boat." That's natural since trying something new is always a bit intimidating.

Particularly if you have little idea what kind of boat you really want to build. There are boat plans out there and even design software too.

So I wasn't in the best position as I couldn't find any good software that had great support and tools to help me design my dream sailboat.

That was until I found 3D Boat Design. It ideal for individuals like you who are just getting started with their ideas.

I was so awed by this software that I decided to write a full review of the boat design software.

Check it out if you are serious about designing your own incredible dream sailboat!

What about the different boat building methods?

There are many different methods, many can be done right in your workshop or garage. After all, you aren't considering mass production, aren't you?

Probably the most often used method is building with plywood. It's relatively inexpensive, extremely strong and found at your local lumber yard. You can even have the plywood delivered if you needed most of the time.

I honestly believe the most enjoyable "activities" in life are those shared with family and friends.

Doesn't really matter what that activity is, just that you share the experience with loved ones. Boat building is one such perfect activity.

Imagine the time together, building a boat with your kids. That would be a memory of a lifetime. Or building a boat with your grand children?

Definitely, something to think about...

So as I said before, if you are serious about building your own boat, check out my full review of the boat design software 3d Boat Design.

Hope you enjoy building your boat!

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