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Sailing on the Welsh Harp is a great fun sport. But that only happens because the instructors teach so well. You can get sailing jobs like this quite easily, but you need to have the right qualifications.

I used to teach children how to sail in summer 2008, which I absolutely loved. I was allowed to do this, because I had had experience of teaching adults on Saturday's during Plain Sailing (when novices can just sail for fun at the sametime as being taught).

Recently I got an Assistant Instructor's qualification. This enables me to teach basic concepts such as tacking, gybing and the 5 essentials to novice sailors. However since I had been doing this and more anyway, it was more of a formality than anything else.

The sailing job of instructing the children that I did, I was paid for 2 hours (around £7 per hour - not bad for a 16 year old!) and I did it every Saturday.

It was not much in total (only around £150), as I only did it once a week for a few hours, but consider doing it more regularly and for more hours. It is a great way for students to pay their way through university and for older teenagers to get more than just their monthly allowance or pocket money.

Anyway, there are 3 main sailing instructor qualifications.

Assistant Instructor (AI)

Only need sailing experience to do this one. I recommend that people do it, because it really helps your own sailing as well, because you are thinking very technically the correct way to do a manoeuvre. My current qualification and can only be done and used at your sailing club.

Dinghy Instructor (DI)

Nationally recognised sailing instructor qualification. Does not require AI (but recommended), but does require RYA Powerboat Level 2 and First Aid. Must be done at an RYA sailing centre and can be used anywhere in the UK and sometimes abroad.

Senior Instructor (SI)

The top job! Responsible for running the sailing centre's instruction and organisation. Must have been a DI and have RYA Safety Boat. Must be done at an RYA sailing centre and can be used anywhere in the UK and sometimes abroad.

So for me, Dinghy Instructor is the next level up and will prove to be quite hard. They last different lengths of time and the more experience you have of sailing the better. I have sailed and raced for around 3-4 years and then did my AI so use that as an example of when to do it.

Sailing jobs usually pay quite well and the sailing industry does not seem to be hard hit by the recession as other sporting and recreational activities have, because sailing is such an adrenaline rush that really gets you through the week, no matter how awful it has been.

If you are thinking of a gap year and have a DI qualification, you should think of joining a sailing holiday company such as Sunsail and get paid to teach sailing for a year. Rates are good and you will be basking the sun day in day out without having to worry about maxing out credit cards or where you will live.

Recommended Books

RYA Dinghy Coaching and Handbook

Goes from Assistant Instructor right to Senior Instructor with tips, advice and information. It is required for all dinghy coaching assessments to get your qualification, so get it inexpensive here!

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