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The Used Boat Parts Industry is one of the largest in the marine business with millions traded annually since the mid 20th century. This is all due to resurgence in building your own dinghy or yacht, but I won't be talking about that here.

You can get anything from an oar to rope on the internet nowadays and it is usually much cheaper buying second hand than it is buying new items, when they are pretty much the same quality.

Make sure you know what you are getting and how old it is. You might be able to negotiate a bargain, but be reasonable as the seller will also want a fair price. Check price comparison websites to make sure you are getting a good for the used boat part you want to buy.

If you check out the marine section on eBay, you will find hundreds if not thousands of items for sale such as winches, cleats, winch handles, rudders, tiller extensions and more. You can also use a price comparision website to compare the prices of marine goods like those from reputable companies that trade in second hand boat parts.

Its really simple, you just need to make sure that they have positive endorsements and reviews and that the company is very good at customer service. Unlike other used goods mentioned on this site, it is very unlikely that you will see the good face to face, o you must make sure that the company or individual you are buying from has a good reputation for sending items on time.

eBay has a very good reputation system and that is why I highly recommend them for buying used boat parts. It shows you the amount of people they have sold to and the comments from those people. It also rates the seller on a percentage scale, which shows the feedback graphically. I personally would recommend never buying from someone who has less than 90% feedback score and has sold less than 100 items.

However it is up to you to stay safe and not get a part of internet fraud. So choose your sources wisely and sta y safe whilst buying your goods.

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