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Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of online sailing games on the web! Not only can these games give you an enjoyable boost in an otherwise dreary day, they can also help you learn how to sail!

There are many different types of games available to sailors from small flash mini games to full blown sailing simulators. I have listed both types on this page and you can also rate and comment on them.

I will be continually adding to this page to give you more games related to sailing that are available to play online or to download.

I have labelled each one item in the list below with either Online or Download to help you decide if you want to play or not. Some games may need to be purchased before they can be played fully.


List of Sailing Games

Click below to play or download the largest collection of sailing related games on the web!

Sailing Simulator - Online 
Less of a game and more of a simulator to help you understand the points of sail and how sail setting at that point effects the speed of the sailboat. …

Sailing Boat Competition - Online 
A great time waster! Using only your mouse, go through as many buoy pairs as you can without hitting into them. This causes damage and eventually your …

Sail Obstacle - Online 
A very simple and short game in which you have to avoid the obstacles coming at you using speed and skill. Another great time waster! Controls: …

Docking Game - Online 
A good game to help you learn how to dock your boat. With levels getting progressively harder and issues such as drift, tide and wind being taken into …

Sailing Match - Online 
A perfect time waster for the sailing enthusiast! In Sailing Match, make sure you don't crash into anybody whilst trying to overtake everyone to go from …

Tall Ships Game - Online 
Tall Ships is a huge transatlantic race that occurs on large old style ships. In this game you take the place of one of those ships and must collect the …

Captain Chaos - Online 
Captain Chaos is a racing game, very much like match racing, with a comical edge. While being unrealistic in its depiction of sailing, it nevertheless …

Buoy Ahoy! - Online 
Buoy Ahoy is another 'improver' version of the "Introduction to Sailing" game, but this time you have to watch the changing wind and be careful not to …

Sailboat Simulation - Online 
Sailboat Simulation takes it to the next level, because as well as knowing the points of sail, you also need to know how far your sails should be in or …

Introduction to Sailing Game - Online 
A very good game that will help you learn the points of sail as well! You need to race against the time to reach the finish line. Careful thought about …

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