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Before you start sailing, you need to wear the correct sailing clothes! We need to keep ourselves warm from the wind and water, otherwise we could get hypothermia or worse. Therefore all sailors, especially in the winter months should consider adequate protection.

Usually in the winter, you should wear something that keeps you warm. In the summer, I just wear shorts and a t-shirt! Sailing Clothes Shorts So when its cold you need a sailing suit. The two main types of sailing suit are the wetsuit and the drysuit.

A wetsuit is made of neoprene that lets water in, but not out, which uses your body's thermal energy to heat the water in the suit, which creates a barrier between you and the elements. This ends up keeping you warm.

A dry suit is made of plastic and is waterproof. It lets you wear thermals or other clothing underneath to keep you warm.

Each of the two have their advantages and disadvantages as well as varying costs. Dry suits tend to be more expensive due to the nature of the material. If the winter where you live is especially cold, I would definitely advise a dry suit, but if price makes a big difference, I would go with the wet suit. Sailing Clothes Your choice depends on budget, taste and season, but if you make the wrong choice it could become an expensive wrong choice, so try and make the right one.

Reviews and Ratings of Sailing Clothes

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