Do You Have Interesting Sailing Stories?
Do Tell! is all about my sailing experiences (as I am sure you may have probably guessed).

But now I'd like to turn the tables onto you.

I would really like to read about your best sailing stories and experiences, your most interesting information on sailing, your top racing tips...anything about sailing that you would love to share.

If you have tried sailing and are addicted to it as much as I am (or even more!), please share your Sailing stories with us! I would love to try your tips and enjoy your stories and I am sure that others who visit this site will thank you, too!

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What should I write about?

Sailing Stories is the perfect place to make your voice heard by the world!

There is no need to be shy and even if you are StartedSailing is an amazing community filled with wonderful people who will make you feel write at home and will never criticise you, your story or anyone elses story.

Our ethic is to help and be helped as well as just have a great community in which everyone enjoys writing about what they love most, sailing!

Writing about your experiences won't be a chore! You will love, like I love, telling others about your amazing experiences whilst sailing.

Here I will give you some ideas of questions that you can ask yourself to write about (so that you don't get writers' block) and so that you find sharing your experience easier.

Just answer all the questions and you will have a great story! You don't have to answer the questions if you don't want to, they are just a guide for anyone who wants to use them.

You can either use the guide or open your heart out about the incredible sport of sailing!

  • Where did you last sail and how was it? (wind conditions/activities/scenery/location/weather?)
  • Who did you go with? (boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/fiance/family?)
  • What was your first sailing experience like? (scary/enjoyable/incredible?)
  • What was your first boat racing experience like? (capsizing/crashing into other boats/breaking rules?)
  • What was your first capsize like? (cold/warm/wet/freezing/enjoyable/horrible?)
  • What is your favourite part of sailing, the one you most enjoy? (speed/experience/feelings/sights?)
  • If you were to recommend sailing to someone else, how would you describe it?
  • Have you ever sailed...[ENTER CRAZY ACTIVITY]...? (naked/whilst sleeping/on a 200ft yacht/whilst eating a pizza?)
  • If you could choose a celebrity to sail with, who would you choose and why?

That should help you put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard I should say!) and share your story or experience with the rest of the community. Have fun!

Share Your Sailing Story

I can't wait to read about your top Sailing adventure or tip. Thank you in advance for sharing.

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On Sail Amsterdam 2010 an important innovation for future yachts was introduced: It's not about speed, it's …

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It was a strange night, there seemed to be a chill in the air. The small fibreglass Dinghy was hidden safely behind a large rock and we cooked soup …

Why I started a Sea Scout Ship 
In 1968, I was working as an Engineer on the Farmington Fire Department. I purchased a Luger Kit Boat and it was delivered to my house. It was a 16 …

The Jules Verne Trophy: new record non-stop circumnavigation. 
Jules Verne, (some of you may have heard about him or even read one of his books) was one of the first science-fiction authors. He was born here in Brittany …

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What can possibly be hard about sailing? Nutting, if you would have asked me before my first sailing experience. Wind from the south west, mild breeze, …

First Time I had been on a Boat, The Trapeze Broke! 
It was the first time I had been on a yacht. Young, trim, tanned and so full of life! Our Physic's teacher (Mr James) had decided that we had studied …

Sailing in Iceland :O) 
Hi, My name is Lilja, I am 14 going on 15 and I live in the north of Iceland. I have been sailing now for around 5 years and sailing is all I think …

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Sailing in the BVI sounded like fun. First time, anything can be exciting or not your thing. This was not my thing. No one explained: How …

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My first real boat was a Pampus, a Dutch national class since 1934. I bought it second-hand in 1959, while still at school, after years of small-time jobs …

A Club Sailing Race in France 
Saturday last I went to Dinard (on the Brittany north-coast) and, as I can't walk any long distance, I sat on a bench in the sun some 100 feet above the …

My life under sail part II 
As part 1 is really my sailing C.V., I will now add to it by describing my thoughts and feelings about sailing. First I'd like to make a distinction …

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Sailing Across The Hudson In A Pontoon Boat! 
I don't live too far from the Hudson River in New York, USA. My husband likes to buy cheap boats like the Pontoon boat to travel across the river because …

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