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BVI Yacht Charter: The Longest Days of My Life

by Mary
(Carolina, USA)

Sailing in the BVI sounded like fun.

First time, anything can be exciting or not your thing. This was not my thing.

No one explained:

  • How very tiny the cabins were

  • That the generator could not be run at night for cooling because of fumes

  • That the toilet had to be hand pumped

  • That bathing was either jumping into the water or spritzing with a hand held kitchen type contraption that couldn't run continuously due to water conservation in a bath about as big as a small coat closet - so hair washing was mostly out; that a puddly and dirty dingy was the only way to land

  • That once at a pier, one had to hoist ones slightly overweight body without snagging clothing or skin

  • There was no personal storage

  • That it is unwise not to go potty as the boat is coming about or you are thrown about in the tiny bath and then tossed out into the tiny hall ending up with 12 bruises the size of saucers

  • That sleeping is tough due to the heat & wind whistling here and there and sail lines clank against the mast

The end.
Never again.

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Jun 05, 2009
Only one day?
by: Han

Dear Mary, I had to google a bit to find out what BVI meant; anyway, what you describe is a list of complaints regarding your lodgings, not especially your sailing experiences. And thát is where our expertise lies.
Maybe you can find a BVI consumer site to let them attend to your complaints?
Before you sail again, consider one of my devices: "sailing is an incredibly expensive way to get soaked, cold and hungry while going very slowly from Nothing to Nowhere". Maybe next time a Caribbean cruise?
Keep smiling!

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