Sailing Schools

Sailing Schools can be quite hard to find, but don't worry, because they are everywhere!

There are tens of thousands of centres all over the world in all sorts of places from the coast to inland lakes, from reservoirs to rivers.

All you have to do is know where to find these secluded spots that have are used for watersports and sailing by millions of people.

I only found out about sailing on the Welsh Harp through a cousin at a party who knew someone who sailed there.

Before you start fretting that there is nowhere to go, ask your friends and family if they know of any sailing places or people who do sail.

Usually you'll find someone you know who does sail, because it is such a popular sport!

So find your club now, by using our directory below, or continue reading and find out what a perfect club should be like.

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  • Finding Your Perfect Club

    Good Sailing Schools offer teaching RYA courses or or ASA sailing courses and racing at a low membership price plus course fees.

    Wherever you live you can find RYA or ASA Sailing Schools as they are both very international sailing associations.

    The sailing club should also have good atmosphere, a nice clubhouse and a selection of club boats once you are qualified to use them on your own.

    You should also find a club that you feel is right for you and that you also like the natural surroundings, for instance look at this picture of the Welsh Harp:

    The Welsh harp

    Now that is a beautiful place to sail in!

    You don't want to end up in some sewage ridden beach in your wetsuit and a mangy dog for company do you?

    No, so take your time to find out about the club, check if they have a website and go see it for yourself.

    Resist clubs that are trying to sell you expensive 'one-time special offer' memberships.

    If they have to try that hard their service and quality can't be that good.

    On the other hand try out a volunteer club.

    My club BTYC is completely volunteer based, which creates a lovely family attitude where everyone knows everyone and newcomers are extremely welcome.

    These kinds of clubs are great, because you are joining not just a membership club, but also a family of friends that you will get to know and sail with very quickly.

    I love this attitude and I think that most clubs should be like this.

    There are no paid employees and all course fees go to making the club better and buying new boats.

    So make your decision, because most clubs will charge you a quarterly rate, however this membership fee is usually not expensive (I only pay around £65 for 4 months club membership, however I am under 18).

    Clubs usually offer discount family membership, which lets you involve the kids in your newly found sport.

    Kids love sailing, because it is exciting and has the adrenaline rush that every kid wants and things like football can't give you.

    So if you are ready to find a club, check out our directory, above, and find your country on the directory, click on it and find your perfect club!

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