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Welcome to SailTube. This is the page where visitors can upload their favourite sailing videos from YouTube, Google, Revver, MetaCafe and more. You can share your videos with the whole world!

Usually finding good sailing videos is difficult and you have to sit through hours of clips to find the one you want. So instead, we have done it for you. These are the best that we could find!

And you can add to them! Do you have a favourite video that should be on this site? Have you recorded something amazing that you haven't seen anywhere else or sailed in really high winds and caught it all on camcorder? Help us out by sending it in.

Show you videos to the world and it will spread virally! Share the vid and watch the reactions from your friends and visitors.

If you have found your favourite, copy the embed code and send it to us using the form below. Give us a bit of a story behind it and I'll put is up for the visitors to discuss and rate.

The most highly rated videos rise to the top, so see what people think of your video!

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How Do I Add A Video?

We aren't all computer whizz-kids and so I have created a small tutorial on adding your favourite vid to SailTube.

To add your video, you need to use its 'embed code' which tells the computer where the video file is.

It should look something like this...

...and on YouTube can be found here:

Once you have found the embed code, just copy and paste along with a story about the video.

And now without further ado, share your favourite videos!

SailTube! Do you have a Great Sailing Video to share?

Have filmed an amazing sailing moment on camera or have you found something noteworthy of YouTube?

You can put it on the web for all to see, comment and rate by doing a few simple things.

If you have found a video on Youtube that you think would be a fine addition, copy to the code on the right of the video where it says 'embed' and copy it into the large space below and then fill out the rest of the form.

I am looking forward to seeing all your videos, so don't delay! Add it today!

Other Video's Submitted by Visitors

Click below to see the video submissions by others! Some are very good...

Hydrofoiling RC Trimaran 
This is a short clip of my Mini40 Class RC Trimaran 'FireDragon' sailing and hydrofoiling in winds from calm to gusty.

2000km with Laser 2 
Here is short film of sailing Laser2 for 36 days from Slovenia to Albania and back:

Anticipating on the very last Blog article. 
This video shows one of the most amazing ancient sailing craft, the Proa, the ancestor of our "modern" cata- and trimarans; 2500 years old, …

Part two of a documentary film: the building of a dhow. 
Nice project! They work along the lines of almost all restoration- and reconstruction projects around the world, some of which I described …

Part one of a documentary film: the building of a dhow. 
The film tells the story better than I can. It's about fighting poverty and saving cultural history by restoring a historical dhow. Also …

Video containing pictures of the last real Chinese junks. 
It's hard to find pictures of these strangely elegant vessels, once dominating almost all the trade along the North-and South-East coasts …

Sail Amsterdam 2010 
A nice impression of Sail A'dam, enjoy.

A reconstruction of 1745 return-ship Götheborg, sailing all over the world. 
Götheborg arrived today in Amsterdam for the first time, participating in Sail.

Once again: a barge-sailing match (skûtsje-silen) in Friesland, Netherlands 
This time a complete report by Omroep Fryslân © of the race on the 5th of August on the IJsselmeer near Lemmer. Close sailing, wouldn't …

Skandia Team GBR in a 49er Race 
The film captures an Olympic class 49er race where the hero Skandia Team GBR crew wins. The race footage is overlaid with graphics designed …

Beach Sailing. 
Video connected to my article on Ice Sailing and Beach Sailing in History of Sailing Forum.

Sailing a Finnjol 
In the Sailing Stories Forum appeared a story starring a Mediterranian Sea Jol. In my comment on it I refer to this video.

Duyfken, the first European ship to discover Australia in 1606. 
Images of the Duyfken 1:1 replica, built 1999 in Australia. Length 65,4 ft., beam 19,7 ft., draught 8 ft., displacement 110 tons, speed 7 …

Clipper ship Stad Amsterdam. 
Images of this (almost) new extreme clipper, built for charter and training, now on it's way with scientists for a television series on Darwin, …

New world record for Bouwe Bekking and Delta LLoyd. 
The North Sea crossing from Lowestoft (UK) to IJmuiden (Netherlands) is sailed in a new record of 5 hours, 36 minutes and 18 seconds on 2nd …

Nokia 18ft Skiff 
3 person boat and probably cost £100,000 but still some incredible sailing from the team, especially when they put up the asymmetric spinnaker. …

Flying Dutchman class, still the fastest boat upwind. 
In the sixties, 50 years ago, together with the friend who owned it, I helmed and crewed this boat, which was then nicknamed "the sailing …

The windiest sailing day ever! 
This is last weekend at the Welsh Harp, where only 12 boats from a fleet of 30 turned up to race in 30-40 knot winds on the reservoir. Suffice …

Sea Stallion from Glendalough during sea trials. 
In my article on the Viking ships (in History of Sailing blog) I myself missed these images of the sailing replica of this beautiful Longship …

Ocean-going tug Marejada (Swell) in a rough sea. 
As you all seemed to like the lighthouses video, I found another stormy video; this time south of Ireland. Enjoy, and be glad you sail …

Lighthouses in a storm. 
When sailing South from Cornwall to Portugal you are lucky (or skillful enough) to avoid Ar Men, the first lighthouse in this video. It is …

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America's Cup Virtual Skipper 5 
I didn't even know that games like this existed! Can't be better than the real thing though, but still an interesting watch!

Barge-racing in Friesland, north Netherlands 
Hi, I've found an exciting video for you aboard a racing "skûtsje", a Friesian barge. They race every summer: a class of mostly 100-years-old flatbottom …

The America's Cup 
While researching for my new article in the History of Sailing Blog, I found this nice video of a match-race, and thought it would be a nice …

international moth - a boat with wings! 
this boat is the most amazing thing I have seen!

How To Do A Gate Start - GP14 Nationals 2009 
An impressive video of a gate start in a race. A gate start is where you have a rabbit that starts off on a port tack and the rest of the …

Funny Sailing Moments 
One of my favourite sailing videos on YouTube, which shows some funny moments in sailing all captured on film. Enjoy!

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