Sailboat Plans

Sailboat plans are for those people who want to build their own sailing boat, but don't want to design it themselves. If you want to design your own sailboat, check out the sailboat design page.

In order to use these plans, you are going to need some DIY experience, perhaps with building larger scale models or some other design technology related project. If you don't have any experience whatsoever in building anything more than a shelf, you should maybe not consider this project and get more experience in crafting.

So if you still want to go ahead with building your own boat, you are going to need Boat Building Supplies such as tools, materials and a place to build as well as a set of plans to work from!

Recommended Plans

If you want something that gives you all the information you need to build a boat, as well as the plans and software that is used professionally to build sailboats, then you should see my review of the top boat plans software out there, Plans4Boats.

You receive lessons on boat building as well as 254 different sailboat plans, from simple dinghies to sophisticated cruisers, which are suitable for both beginners and advanced builders.

All the plans are tried and tested with over 1800 hobbyists and other boat builders already having got their plans. You can get it all by direct download, so no waiting around for the post!

Plans4Boats benefits you, because you get loads of plans for one price (unlike downloading individual plans adding up to much more), you get the help and support from e-lessons to help you learn how to build a boat and you get a 600 page boat building handbook, which contains info on the law and compliance guidelines.

To read my review of Plans4Boats, Click Here!

Other Plans

  • Dinghy Plans - Small scale (less than 12ft) boat plans
  • Sailing Ship Plans - Large scale (larger than 12ft) boat plans
  • Catamaran Plans - Double hull boat plans

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