Sailing Yacht Charters

Why buy a one hundred thousand pound boat when you can get sailing yacht charters for less than a hundredth of that and not have to worry about maintenance, mooring fees and upkeep?

Sailing Yacht Charters

Where are you going for your next holiday? Mediterranean, Florida, Caribbean? Hotel, resort, camper van?

I think the most amazing holiday you could possibly have would be to charter a luxury sailing yacht.

You can spend your evenings in a completely different place every night, see beautiful sun rises and sunsets on the water and the most important thing of all if you value your privacy, is to stay away from other tourists!

While on your own personal yacht you can read, snorkel, sunbathe, swim, cook, relax and even enjoy the breathtaking view with the sun above and the water below.

Some people think that being on a yacht will be cramped and uncomfortable, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Sailing yachts nowadays are almost like floating 5 star hotels, if not better and come equipped with the latest technologies and comforts.

You can either choose to bareboat charter or have a crewed charter.

A bareboat charter is where your party is the crew of the boat and you will have to do everything with no external help.

If you enjoy sailing as much as I do, this should be your choice!

However if you actually want to sit down, relax and not do very much, I would recommend going for a crewed charter who are experienced, familiar with the boat and know the local area.

Sailing Yacht Charters Aerial View

You can also choose between a monohull yacht and a catamaran (and sometimes even a trimaran). A catamaran is usually easier to sail in shallower water and have large amounts of space.

However, they are difficult to sail in light shifty winds as well as not being able to point so high. Also because of the lack of keel, they tend to move sideways more (much like if you didn’t have the centreboard down on a dinghy).

Although despite this, I would still prefer a catamaran, just because it is more stylish, but it does tend to be a little more expensive.

So you are interested in sailing yacht charters as a potential holiday option, but how do you find the right boat. Well you could either try and look for one yourself or you could go through a chart yacht broker.

Chart yacht brokers are professionals whose job it is to find you the right boat for you and your party. They know the business and will research the market in search for the best match to your preferences.

They attend meetings and seminars on marine law, destinations and contracts so that they can further advise you on the best boat and place to go for.

You can even get free advice to help you find the right boat as well as someone to help you out if you get into trouble.

Also, the cost of the booking through the broker tends to be a similar or even lower price as you could get direct with the boat owner, even including all the extras.

So, instead of a mundane run of the mill hotel vacation...charter a beautiful yacht on your next holiday!

Whether for your entire holiday or just a day out on the water, a charter on a beautiful yacht is one of the world's great pleasures! See the beautiful coastline, swim, snorkel, anchor for a secluded lunch, or cruise to the local hot spots! is the world leader in online yacht charter and will help you have the best holiday possible. Just fill out the form below and they will get to work finding you the perfect boat.

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