Parts of a Sailing Ship

There are many parts of a sailing ship or boat that are similar and here is a glossary of each part that is important in your sailing career.

You may first want to check out Sailing Terminology if you don't understand any of the words listed here.

Parts of a Sailing Ship

Starting from bow to stern:

A line of rope that holds the mast up

A large triangular sail that helps the boat turn and power the boat

A rope attached to the jib or genoa to place in a position relative to the wind

A large pole that holds the genoa/jib and mainsail up

Changes where the point of most power is in on the mainsail up and down (used to decrease or increase sail power depending on wind strength - decrease sail power in high winds and vice versa)

Jib Cleats
Stoppers in which you place the jib sheet in so that it stays on its current setting

Toe straps
Used to place your feet in so that you can hike out the boat, without any danger of falling out

A large board that can be pulled up or down depending on the point of sail

A small sitting area for the crew

A large sail that powers the dinghy through the water

Takes away the luff in the mainsail created when the slot is too small (only when beating and when there is a lot of wind)

A length of rope that allows the mainsail to be pulled in or out with relative ease

Changes where the point of most power is in on the mainsail forward and backwards (when viewed looking at the bow)

Mainsheet Cleat
A stopper to allow the mainsail to remain in its current configuration

Self bailers
When water comes into the cabin, they pump out water when the boat is reaching

Tiller Extension
A long pole that allows the tiller to be moved whilst hiked out or when sitting further up the cabin (nearer the mast)

A short pole that is connected to the rudder

A board in a shape similar to the centreboard that allows the change of direction in a boat

Stop water entering the bilge and causing the boat to sink

The only way to get actual experience with sailing parts is to actually be in the boat.

Even then I hardly remember any of them!

Usually Mark and I just say "Do the thing!" and hope we understand each other.

That's the parts of a sailing ship for you.

I am always learning new terms for parts of the boat.

So don't get discouraged if you don't remember a few of them, some of them or any of them!

Practice makes perfect.

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