Holiday Sailing

Holiday Sailing is a great way to practice your moves and technique while having fun in warmer waters than you are used to (unless you are lucky enough to live the Caribbean or Mediterranean!). There are many different types of holiday that you can have as well as having a sailing theme.

I always find that I sail differently on holiday. For instance, I was able to tackle the Force 6 winds in a Laser One in Greece relatively easily, but when I came back home, I couldn't even survive a Force 4, without capsizing.

I suppose it does come down to the boat and sails, but I definitely think that my style and attitude is totally different on holiday. At home I will be more focused on race training, but on holiday, I was sun tanning, relaxing and cruising around.

The page lists some of the holidays I have been on as well as ones that I have thoroughly researched to give you the best possible outline of what you can expect.

Sailing in Israel

Summer 2010, the family went to Israel on holiday. It was so hot we spent most of the time on and in the water. Unfortunately not much sailing, but lots of surfing!

My rating for this area for sailing is 2 stars out of 5

Sailing Cruise Ship

This is one of the most exhilarating and exciting experiences I have ever seen. These tall ships with multiple masts and sails whose names I have probably never heard of along with luxury service and exquisite facilities all the while being propelled soley by the wind!

For any sailing fanatic, what better holiday could there be?

Sailing Holidays Croatia

Sailing in Croatia is great fun and I discuss my adventure in this article with comments on the scenery and what I thought of sailing on a yacht. If you are thinking of a sailing holiday in Croatia, this article has your name on it!

Honeymoon Sailing Vacation

Imagine lying on a sleek catamaran with your newly wed, on a warm turquoise ocean watching the sun set into the horizon, while travelling at a leisurely pace. How much more romantic could you get?

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