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Hi Sailing Buddy!

If you don't already anything about my name or me, it is Alex Dotsch and I am 18.

I have sailed since I was 13 and have very much enjoyed it ever since I started.

I have tried both dinghies and yachts both with equally positive results.

I do this sport twice a week, on Wednesday afternoon for my Games option and on Saturday all day for a practice session in the morning and 2 races in the afternoon.

My family go on water sports holidays such as Sunsail, because my brother like windsurfing as well and so it usually works out for everyone.

I am currently studying for my AS levels in Physics, Chemistry and Economics as well as the full A level in Maths (I am also doing further maths).

I hope to do Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering at university and carry along the same track if I enjoy the course.

I have other hobbies apart from this sport. I also enjoy Jujitsu, Website Design and Duke of Edinburgh.

I started this site in early January 2009, because I saw there was a gap for a popular niche site dedicated to my favourite sport and having many pages on basic and advanced concepts about the sport.

I have and still do really enjoy making this website better and more popular and hope you can support me to by raising awareness and getting involved in surveys or other community projects that may come in the future.

Alex Dotsch

PS: If you want to ask me any sailing questions, click here to go to Ask The Expert!

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