Sailboat Reviews

Here are my personal Sailboat Reviews of boats that I have sailed around the world. They are divided into three distinct groups.

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  • Monohull - One single hull (dinghy)
  • Catamaran - Two single hulls (Hobie Cat)
  • Trimaran - Three single hulls (Challenger)
  • These are then further divided into: General Purpose, High Performance Skiffs, Single Handlers, etc.

    The boats I sail regularly are the GP14 and the 420 (oddly they both have numbers in their names) although I have sailed many boats in my time. On this page you will find links to pages in which I will detail my experience with them and give them a rating out of ten.

    You can think of it as some little personalised sailboat reviews of boats that I have sailed and I will say whether I enjoyed it and if I will ever sail it again.

    This is by no means a complete list, but you will find my experiences with these boats far more valuable then any boat salesman can give you!

    In alphabetical order:

    420 Sailboat - A fast upwind planing boat that I sail at school

    GP14 - My favourite boat ever! I sail it every Saturday at the Welsh Harp and love it!

    Hobie Cat - This one is so fun and such a different experience those who sail monohulls. A definite one to try out

    Laser One - A great single handler that well deserves respect. Quite difficult for those new to sailing, but those further along the line will enjoy this challenge.

    Laser Pico - A perfect boat for those with children and teenagers. Quite fast and is a great introduction to sailing before moving on to the bigger Laser One.

    Mirror Sailing Dinghy - Quite a nice boat, with an interesting hull shape and quite cramped for all but the smallest people.

    Topper Sailing Dinghy - A lovely kids boat for those more advanced kid sailors wanting to get better. You will see one of these at every kids sailing school.

    Wayfarer Dinghy - Fantastic for cruising as it is completely stable and almost impossible to capsize.

    Special Types of Sailboat

    Inflatable Sailboat - An inflatable sailboat! What genius thought up something like that where you can easily and comfortably transport and entire sailboat around.

    Inflatable Catamaran - These special catamarans are usually used by the coast guard and other emergency services to help save people in a flood, due to their fast put together times and easy transport.

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