If You Are A Gadget Freak, Use Sailboat Accessories To Satisfy Your Cravings

Sailboat accessories are there to make sure you get the most out of your boat and have a wide range of uses from helping you, keeping you comfortable or making life easier in the boat.
They are very important as they concern your safety, your enjoyment and your experience as a sailor. One bad experience can haunt you for life, so make sure you are protected from the elements and over prepare rather than under prepare. Sailboat Accessories There are many Boating Stores around and you can find my top 3 recommendations here. You can also find lots of boating stores at the Started Sailing Directory.

Below are several different accessories that are important and highly recommended to any boat sailor...

Boat Covers

Boat covers protect the boat from damage from the elements such as wind, rain and snow when you are not sailing it. Usually boats come with one, but sometimes you might need to buy one to protect your purchase from harm.

Boat covers are easy to take on and off and stop scratches, dirt and water getting into the boat and scuffing it all up. It is a good habit to get into to put the boat cover on properly so that the boat does not get dirty or damaged through carelessness.

Sailboat Trailers

Sailboat Trailers are useful for when you want to take your sailing boat somewhere else rather than just your local sailing club. If I wanted to sail in the Solent I would have to buy a trailer to put on the back of a car on which the boat would sit.

Sailboat Trailers are not cheap, but allow you to go to Open Meetings and sail with your own boat in areas that without a trailer are completely inaccessible. They enable you to tow your boat behind your car like a caravan and be rest assured that it will be okay by the time you arrive at your destination.

The Stop Watch

If you will be racing your boat you should absolutely consider getting a stop watch. They will help you increase you position in the fleet as you will have better starts by being on the line on time instead of watching loads of sterns crossing the line before you have even got within 5 boat lengths of it.

Boat Anchors

Boat anchors are great for day cruisers who want to stop off and admire the scenery and the sun. They stop the boat moving away from where you want the boat to stop and the boat will sway with the wind.

Boat anchors aren't too expensive, but finding the correct one can be difficult as there quite alot of them all for different uses and for different areas.

Handheld Marine GPS

Handheld Marine GPS is so important nowadays and is so cheap that it is almost a neccessity to get one if you are cruising around an area, which you don't know very well or if you are trying to find new places to sail to.

Even if you do know where you are, it is very useful to have in order to plot a course to wherever you are going and accounting for tide by using the in built compass.

Navigation Charts

Navigation charts are very important when sailing on the coast, on the open ocean or in any area you are not familiar. They don't have to be elaborate, but should contain things like tides, where important warning buoys are and where hazards like shallow water or rocks are.

You should never ever go out without one of these as you could put yourself, your boat and whoever else is with you at great risk of getting seriously hurt. Stay Safe!

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