Sailboat Trailer

If you want to go away with your boat, you need a sailboat trailer. They go underneath the boat trolley.

You cannot connect a boat trolley to your car and transport it like that. You must get a trailer!

A boat trolley has small wheels and is not compatible with roads and going at high speeds. Trailers are specially made to go at high speeds with better wheels and a connection system to hold the boat and the trolley to the trailer.

When transporting a boat by road, you must make sure that the trailer is in good condition and that the boat trailer tires are okay and that the boat trailer brakes work correctly before you set out, else you could end up with a broken trailer and going nowhere.

You also need to adapt your boat cover so that loose little rocks and pebbles don't make holes in your boat. You need to encase your boat in a full cover (below the boat as well as on top) to protect it fully. You don't want to end up at your sailing area with huge gaping holes in your boat.

Finally, make sure that you secure your trailer to your car or to something else with a padlock. This is the part that most people forget to their peril where when they want to go home, they can't because their trailer has been stolen. It is very easy to forget to bring a padlock and wire, but make sure you do, else you will be in trouble if you gets taken.

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