Boating Knots

Boating knots are very hard to learn let alone master. Use this page as a tool to help you better understand them and how to do them. The knots are very important in sailing as they can be strong to stop sails falling apart or stopper knots to stop sheets getting through cleats.

The knots we use in the boat have many other purposes than that simply listed here, even outside nautical life.

Whenever I need a strong reliable sailing knot, I use a bowline most of the time, because it is easy to do and very powerful.

Figure of Eight Knot - Used as a stopper knot for ropes
Bowline - Used as a loop knot to hold sails and is almost unbreakable
Clove Hitch - Used as a temporary knot to hold a boat to a pole
Reef Knot - Used to tie the sails down into a reef, in windy weather

And that's all the 4 major knots you'll need to know to do well in sailing. And remember the worst sailing knot of all is the...?

Yes that's right...the Granny knot! Of course there are many, many more, but for the moment, you don't need to know them and you can either buy a book about them or learn them through experience.

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