Figure of Eight Knot

The figure of eight knot, usually the first boating knot taught, is used primarily as a stopper knot. A stopper knot is a knot that stops the rope going through a cleat.

To do the knot, follow the handy images below.

First make a loop with the working end on top of the other end like what is shown on the photo below:

Next wrap the working end around the bits of rope you aren't using, like in the photo below:

The penulimate thing to do is to take the working end and put it through the loop that you made orginally as shown in the photo below:

Finally, pull the working end tight to complete the knot as shown in the photo below:

Without the knot, the sailing we knew today would not happen. It is essential in making sure that, especially in windy weather, the jibsheet and the mainsheet remain in the cabin and it also makes them easier to grab when doing a quick tack or gybe.

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