Boat Anchors

Boat anchors are useful when you just want to sit down and relax after a hard days cruising or sailing. They are usually quite light and easily portable on small dinghies, which will allow you to stop whenever you like.

Anchors have to be long enough for the depth of water you are in (otherwise the anchor could be too short and you would still be moving), so make sure that you have checked the water depth and if it is in tidal water, the tidal markings to check you have enough rope and chain.

Without an anchor, cruising wouldn't be as good, because you could never stop for lunch or something and just be able to take in the view.

When you do anchor, you must drop the sails and pull up the centreboard, else you will continue moving around and you may break the anchor chain.

Also make sure that the weather is okay for anchoring (the winds can't be too strong) and that the area is good for anchoring. Make sure you have the right type of anchor for your anchor spot (ie: use an anchor that is good in rocky areas for a seabed that has lots of stones and shingle in it).

It is best to buy a few anchors and store them in the boat and then take out the one you need later. This means that you have a choice of anchoring spots if your first choice is unavailable or no longer looks like a good spot.

When you take in the anchor, after you have finished, make sure to put up the sails and have an exit route so that you don't crash into something or get into shallow water. The whole procedure will go quite quickly so make sure everyone on the boat knows what he or she are doing or if they aren't doing anything, staying out of the way of everyone else.

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