420 Sailboat

The 420 sailboat is a fast sailing dinghy thats crews 2 people and has a spinnaker as well as the three main sails.

The crew can trapeze and the boat can plane upwind as well as downwind on exceptionally windy days.

The image above is of people from my school sailing the boat at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre.

My main negative point with this boat is that the cockpit is quite small as there is little legroom and the centreboard casing extends far to the back. I would say that it is actually one of the most uncomfortable boats I have sailed.

It is especially uncomfortable for the crew when doing roll tacks as they end up not being able to sit anywhere and it is just not fun.

My favourite thing about this boat is that it can go quite fast with very little wind, however it must be trimmed and balanced correctly. Just one single misjudgement like sitting too far backwards on a light day will cause the boat to stop. However the moment that you move forward it will accelerate quite quickly, so be careful!

The spinnaker is easy to use and it has a pole and you use it just like anyother boat. The spinnaker is different in shape though to say a GP14 spinnaker. The boat's spinnaker is more rounded and circular, which makes it lighter and more like a wind catcher.

Overall, it is uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean it is a bad boat, however quite tall people and less manouevreable people may struggle.

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