Catamaran Plans

These catamaran plans are for dual hull sailing boats. They will have 2 sails and a trampoline in between the two hulls. The trampoline is very difficult to make and you will usually have to buy one instead of making one.

These boats will take sometime to make, so make sure you know where you will keep it and how you will find time to make it before you purchase the plans.


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  • 14ft Pixie
  • 14ft Quattro
  • 16ft Quattro

  • 14ft Pixie

    LOA = 4.3m
    Weight = 75kg empty
    Beam = 2.1m
    Sail Area = 11.5 sq.m

    The Pixie is an entry level car toppable beach cat that has proved extremely popular with hundreds now sold. It has often been built by Scout groups or as school projects.

    The American magazine "Wooden Boat" market this design alongside its bigger and more racy sister the Quattro 16. The Pixie's hulls are assembled using slot together beams. No spanners, bolts or keys are required.

    Complete assembly including rigging takes about 15 minutes. Each hull weighs about 20Kgs so is easy to cartop single handed. The rounded V hulls eliminate the need for daggerboards, making it easy to build and to sail off the beach.

    PIXIE is ideal for those new to boatbuilding and catamarans. It is also ideal for those who want a fun beach boat that sails well but who are not that interested in racing.

    Price: £95 plus VAT and P&P

    For more information, click here.

    14ft Quattro

    LOA = 4.3m
    Beam = 2.1m
    Weight = 80kg
    Sail Area = 13.1 sq.m

    The Quattro 14 has a hull shape similar to the PIXIE, but with the addition of small skegs (which help windward performance) and a larger, more sophisticated rig, and a trapeze for extra speed and power.

    As on the QUATTRO 16 aluminium tube crossbeams are used which throughbolt into the hulls forming a very rigid structure.

    The QUATTRO 14 is for those who want to race, either singlehanded on the trapeze, or with two light crew (a youth trainer perhaps?)

    Price: £105 plus VAT and P&P

    For more information, click here.

    16ft Quattro

    LOA = 5m
    Beam = 2.45m
    Weight = 135kg empty
    Sail Area = 18 sq.m

    The QUATTRO 16 is a twin trapeze high performance racing cat that has proven faster than the Hobie 16 or Dart 18.

    The hulls are rounded V built using the "stitch and glue" plywood technique which results in stiff, light-weight hulls (two adults can carry a fully rigged Quattro up the beach). Small skegs help tacking and pointing and protect the hull bottoms when beaching. A forward beam is used to stiffen the forestay.

    Like the PIXIE, the QUATTRO 16 is sold by the prestigious Wooden Boat magazine, the only catamaran plans in their portfolio.

    Price: £115 plus VAT and P&P

    For more information, click here.

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