Boat Plans Software Review: Plans4Boats

A review of the best boat plans software available today!

It may surprise you that I have never actually owned a boat. I have wanted to get my own boat, but there is so much hassle involved and they are extremely costly to buy. I didn’t want something that was an off the line, mass manufactured, piece of wood. I wanted something that would become part of the family and that I had put some time and effort into.

That’s when I heard about Plans4Boats. This is a step-by-step guide that is extremely easy to use that shows you all you will need to know to get your own boat on the water as quickly as possible. You get plans for boats and understandable diagrams that make the entire process of building a boat almost seamless! It is so easy that even someone with no DIY experience can begin building a watertight craft in no time!

It doesn’t matter if you are a naval architect or never screwed a nail in the wall, if you want to build your own boat and don’t want to spend loads of hard earned cash doing it, you should take a look at Plans4Boats.

What do you get?

It is a compilation of 254 boat plans that can help you build from scratch a sailboat. You don’t have to spend thousands for a glossy brochure from some fast talking salesperson who wants to sell you a 100ft yacht, when you could spend much less building something with your children that will last generations and give you memories to share and laugh about.

You can download all the plans instantly and as well as this, you get four, HUGE bonuses, which are a $300 value!

The bonuses comprise of a professional and extremely detailed CAD 3D boat design program, which is feature rich and allows you to create any type of boat in minutes, 14 rare ebooks containing pages of boat building secrets written by naval architects, an in depth review of 107 boat designs and finally the boat builders bible with tonnes of safety and technical information you need to succeed.

It doesn’t take years, it doesn’t take months and it doesn’t take weeks. Imagine being on the ocean with a boat you built with your own hands…in days! Just see below:

You could read everything in a few months and create your own Picasso of boats of course or you could take one of the 254 pre-made boat plans and build your dream boat in just days.

Who is the Creator of Plans4Boats?

Daniel Holden, the creator of Plans4Boats, is a professional boat builder who put all the information you ever needed on boat building into one affordable system, so that anyone who wanted a boat cheaply, could construct it themselves and make their dreams come true.

He divulges his art into a goldmine of resources including lessons, illustrations, diagrams, manuals, boat plans and more, so that you don’t have to learn it the hard way through years of university. You will feel like you have David alongside you as you build your masterpiece!

What it is not however, is a shortcut ‘get-rich-quick’ guide. It will teach you safety in the workshop and how to use tools the correct way. This will help you improve your manual handling and craftsmanship enourmously. I like it because of its simplicity. You download 254 plans, choose one and get right on with building it. Even if you complete your first boat, you can build a second or even a third. There is so much choice that you will be able to find your dream boat in all the information available.


It also understandable and uses clear language to describe the simple processes that take a piece of wood to a magnificent sailboat. It is perfect for novice craftsman to professionals alike, with a collection of boat plans of differing difficulty.


The main downside is the that you don’t want to have to take your laptop with you into your workshop while you are building your boat. It would be great to have a paper format available in a nice format, even if it takes longer to arrive.


In conclusion, I think this is an excellent product and you can easily print out the plans when needs be. It is the only all-in-one package with step-by-step easy to understand instructions available and I would take advantage of this great offer while it is still available!

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