Sailing Ship Plans

These Sailing Ship Plans are for general purpose sailing boats with a length of greater than 18ft. They will have 2 sails and maybe more as well as being much bigger and heavier than the smaller ones.

These boats may require many weeks, many months or even many years to build, so this should be seen as a project the size of which can be compared to building a house.


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  • 18ft Vagabond
  • 23ft Vagabond
  • 26ft Vagabond

  • 18ft Vagabond

    LOA = 18ft2in (5.54m)
    Weight = 2150lbs (977kg) approx excluding rig, daggerplate and rudder
    Beam = 7ft (2.14m)
    Sail Area = 186sq.ft (17.5 sq.m)

    The Vagabond 18 (VG18) is a fast daysailor with cabin. It's program is mostly day sailing with occasional overnight cruises. The hull lines of the 18 are very close to the proven VG20 hull but the focus in this design was on a large cockpit and slightly smaller overall size.

    Sailing performance was not sacrificed. Because of the program of the VG18, we are able to use wide angle swept back spreaders and eliminate the backstay. We would not choose that rig for a cruising boat but it is perfectly adequate for a boat with a less ambitious program. This allows the use of a powerful fully battened main and will make the boat easy to handle under main alone. One of the top sailing ship plans available!

    Price: $175.00 plus P&P

    For more information, click here.

    23ft Vagabond

    LOA = 23ft (7.02m)
    Beam = 8ft1in (2.49m)
    Draft = 7ins/1ft10ins (0.175m/0.58m)
    Weight = 3750lbs (1650kg) approx excluding rig, daggerplate and rudder
    Sail Area = 295sq.ft (27 sq.m)

    The Vagabond 23 retain the virtues of the old design: offshore capable, well balanced fast hull that is easy on her crew, seaworthiness and strength but we were able to blend those qualities with better speed, more room, easier building and more strength.

    Unlike the Serpentaire, this boat has been designed from the start for plywood-fiberglass-epoxy composite (stitch and glue), a material stronger and easier than plywood on frame. The hull shape is slightly different: longer hull for better all around speed, less rocker to help planing and a much wider chine towards the stern. All without excess, to keep her well balanced when heeled. Those changes not only helps performance but gives a much longer and wider cockpit. The smoother lines make the plywood easier to bend.

    Price: $275.00 plus P&P

    For more information, click here.

    26ft Vagabond

    LOA = 27ft (8.24m)
    Beam = 9ft3in (2.82m)
    Draft = 30ins/5ft (0.76m/1.53m)
    Weight = 4500lbs (2045kg) approx in sailing trim
    Sail Area = 340sq.ft (31.6 sq.m)

    An offshore capable cruising boat with shallow draft. The program of this boat is offshore cruising with comfortable accommodations for 2 during long cruises, maximum 5 during shorter cruises. Why shallow draft? The shallow draft keel-centerboard hull has many advantages: seaworthiness and safety at sea, access to protected remote anchorage's or to shallow water sailing areas like the Bahamas or Friesland, upright grounding in tidal harbors on the wide keel and ease of building and maintenance, economical to own.

    Price: $350.00 plus P&P

    For more information, click here.

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