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Lighthouses in a storm.

by Han
(Brittany, France.)

When sailing South from Cornwall to Portugal you are lucky (or skillful enough) to avoid Ar Men, the first lighthouse in this video. It is the westernmost lighthouse off the Brittany peninsula, and I've seen it many times sailing south.

Makes you think about sailing offshore, doesn't it?

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by: Alex

That is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! Does anyone live in that lighthouse? How can it serve any useful purpose if it's light cannot shine, through the water?

Great video choice Han!

Best Regards,

Great videos
by: Don


Watching those videos makes me certain that I wouldn’t want to be a sailor in that kind of weather. It’s amazing to me that there are sailors like yourself that experience seas like that and simply consider it the way you live. Most of us people in this world don’t understand how violent the sea can become. Thank you for sharing it with us.

The best to you Han.


Some more information.
by: Han

Ar Men is Breton for "The Rock". It's construction took 14 years (you can imagine why) and was commissioned in 1881. It was manned in shifts until 1990, when it was automated. In the lighthouse keepers world it is known as "the hell of hells".
The height of the lightbeam above sealevel is 37 meters. The "white water" you see whipped up around the light-dome doesn't interfere with it's visibility.

With thanks to Wikipedia.

nice but scary .
by: Anonymous

That looks very scary!

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