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The windiest sailing day ever!

by Alex
(London, UK)

This is last weekend at the Welsh Harp, where only 12 boats from a fleet of 30 turned up to race in 30-40 knot winds on the reservoir. Suffice to say, not a single boat stayed up right. Everyone capsized at least once and in my case several more times than once...!

I have counted 3 in this video, with our sail number being 14014. You can see me in my black and white splash jacket! We didn't finish a single race!

Great video and even though the water doesn't show the wind its justice, it was very, very, VERY windy!


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Wild weather
by: Anonymous

It looked like a great time Alex! A real challenge and a lot of fun. (If it wasn't fun you'd be dumb to be out there.)


You couldn't stay dry, could you?
by: Han

Hi Alex, I bet you had fun! Cold, wet and blustery as I liked it in my younger days. Pity our Australian Marylyn has never been able to experience this.
But to cheer her and all of you I'll post a video of the fastest and most exciting boat I ever sailed, in the sixties, but the class is still very much alive: the Flying Dutchman.

Regards, Han.

It was great fun!
by: Alex

Hi Don,

I absolutely totally 100% without a doubt loved every single moment of it! I can't believe you would even say that after what I have written on this site!


It was great fun
by: Don


You must have misunderstood me. What I meant was that you must have been having fun and a good time sailing considering as bad as the weather was that day or you wouldn't have been out there. I suspect the fun of it was in the challenge of sailing in those high winds.

My apologies.


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