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Does ASA sailing ring a bell to any of you? Well, I am sure the more experienced and seasoned sailors would have no trouble in answering this question. What about all you budding sailors or/and curious visitors? Wait! Before you go and surf the net, let me just give you a low down on what it is all about.

Basically, simply speaking, ASA is short for American Sailing Association and it is a world-renowned certification body for sailing instructors and sailors. Basically, if they certify someone, it would mean that they are an internationally accredited instructor or sailor. If you succeed in getting yourself certified, it would really mean that you are actually somebody in sailing (that is how I see it anyway!).

So, have I succeeded in getting you curious? I bet you have all sorts of notions in your head such as “How Do I Get Certified?” or “Can I Get Certified NOW?” and the likes. I don't really blame you after all, who doesn't want to be certified as a sailing instructor or as a sailor right? Stay tuned and I will drop more details.

Since 1983, ASA Sailing has been active in their quest of providing high-levels of classes in sailing modules as well as sailing-related activities. It has grown to be the number one provider of education in US sailing.

In addition to the US, the body has expanded its boundaries to international levels and this is reflected in their network of more than 300 sailing schools that are internationally accredited as professional.

Now, don't get me wrong, certification is not the only aspect that the American Sailing Association deals in. Obviously, if you are interested in started sailing, you can even opt to start taking a myriad of sailing courses that they provide.

With the experience, reputation and resources they have under their wings, you can be assured of getting the best in sailing education. In time, you will learn to be the sailor that you have been dreaming of.

You can ultimately choose to get certified and could even opt to be a sailing instructor in the near future. However, you will need to take one step at a time and focus on the present.

You do not have to enrol with them personally since there are many affiliates that are associated with the body. You do need to contact them and conduct extensive research especially if you are serious in learning to sail the right way.

After all, many sailing schools have produced similar programs to the American Sailing Association especially when it comes to certification courses and many have turned out to be illegitimate.

Not only that, if you end up enrolling with the wrong sailing organization, you could very well be compromising issues such as your personal safety during your classes/courses.

Talking about safety, this is where ASA sailing and its affiliate sailing schools differs. Their philosophy is to make the education of sailing easy, safe and fun. This is one of the many reasons contributing to its smashing success.

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