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our Pampas is sad

by Alice Wistar Herbert
(Gilroy, Ca. USA)

Dear World; My husband bought a Pampas class sail boat 9 in the early 1950's. He corrected dome problems it had and sailed, and successfully raced in handicap races. We were very successful at beating our handicap, so it was frequently Yacht Club champion. It was stored after we had children, until, we had to move away from Inverness Yacht Club, where it was stored. We ordered a trailer and brought it with us in our retirement move. The poor thing sits out in our field and our neighbor's goats keep pulling the cover off. Sad!!!

We ordered sails from the best New England sail maker, by letter describing what we wanted. I have a memory loss about the name, Andy Way, they were good and it had a zipper in the lower sail at the boom. Anyway we love it till death do us part. It was refastened by us in the 1970's. Changed from Varnish to black at the same time.

Keep looking up and sailing well feel the tiller chatting to you and sail on.

Alice Wistar Herbert

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