Sailing Jobs: Senior Instructor

  • Sailing Ability: At least the standard of DI and one year full time dinghy instructing
  • Prior Qualifications: RYA Powerboat Safety Boat, RYA First Aid, RYA Dinghy Instructor
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Attend: Four day course at an RYA sailing centre run by RYA Coach

A Senior Instructor, one of the sailing jobs, is an extremely experienced sailor and an experienced instructor who has been assessed as competent to run, organise and manage sailing courses from the RYA National Sailing Scheme.

Senior Instructors are qualified to copntrol group tuition and to supervise and assist Dinghy Instructors and Assistant Instructors. The person must be a confident and competent manager capable of organising group of any age or gender and directing the work of their instructors.

All RYA sailing schools must have a Senior Instructor as a Chief Sailing Instructor or Principal.

I don't know a whole lot about this qualification except you have to be a very good instructor and a very good sailor. I would say you should have more than just one years dinghy instructing and at least 6 or 7 years sailing experience to call on.

I think you should also be very in grained within your clubs structure. You club's Principal should have recommended you, so you should already be recognised as a very good instructor.

The courses are on a regional basis so you have to find out where the sailing centre to do it is and takes two weekends or 4 days to do. You should demonstrate competence and capability in personal sailing ability, centre administation, course preparation/delivery/management and customer liason.

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