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20 ft Mirage Sailboat

by Donna

I just bought a 20 ft mirage sail boat, but I am an inexperienced sailor. I need to collapse the boat to transport it with a trailer. I did research about parts and so forth, but still not sure how. Help!


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Jun 02, 2010
Sure hope you only want to lower the mast!
by: Han

Hi Donna,

This site isn't really about the standing rig; anyway, that is what you want to strike (or lower) in order to trail your boat -and yes, part of learning to sail is learning a whole new jargon.

You start with removing part of the running rigging: the sheets and every rope running through blocks; but leave the halyards (the ropes used to hoist/lower the sails) in place; you can tie them to the mast.

If you want to strike the mast, you first need to have tools, fit to loosen all tighteners of the standing rig and the bolt holding the foot of the mast. Only loosen, NOT unscrew! Then you find some strong friends -female or male-, or (preferably) the former owner, to FIRST unscrew the forestay, then gingerly lower the mast to some rest-point parallel to the deck, then unscrew the shrouds and the bolt holding the mastfoot, and lastly remove the whole contraption from the boat.

Happy sailing this summer, but first take some lessons please.



Apr 14, 2011
Mirage 20
by: George Rootring

Ahoy, I am looking for a decent Mirage 20 sailboat, with trailer and sails.

May 28, 2012
Picture sailboat mirage 20'
by: Jean-Claude

I want a picture of the sailboat mirage 20 feet if you can???

Jul 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

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