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4 Great Sailing Courses to Master Your Skills

by British Offshore Sailing School
(Hampshire, UK)

If you have recently found a new passion for sailing or you wish to try it out for the very first time, there are a variety of courses on offer to help you. Sailing courses are available for those at beginner level, right through to those who are more advanced. But if you’re just starting out, finding a course to suit your level of ability may appear a little daunting.

With this in mind, BOSS take a look at four sailing courses on offer which will develop your knowledge, enable you to grasp the fundamentals and really help to master your skills.

RYA Start Yachting
First up on the list is the RYA Start Yachting course. With a fairly self-explanatory title, this course is a basic level introduction for those just starting out in the world of sailing. Taking place over the duration of a weekend, on completion of the course, you will have developed essential skills in sail handling, rope work and steering. In addition, some of the on-board safety aspects will also be explored, allowing you to gain an all-round understanding of handling a yacht. After completion, you will be able to move onto more advanced courses.

RYA Competent Crew
A longer course than the one mentioned above, the RYA Competent Crew takes place over five days. The main difference between the two is with this course you will spend time on-board overnight to really observe the true boating experience. The course is ideal for those with a little experience of sailing or cruising; and whilst on the boat, you will learn about safety, changing sails, tying knots and other necessary skills.

Visiting yachting harbours and creeks, this course allows you to really experience boating on a first hand level and is perfect to aim for once the RYA Start Yachting course has been mastered. Once complete, you will have the correct level of skill to become an able crew member.

RYA Day Skipper
In order to carry out the practical side of a skipper course, it’s likely that you will need to have the relevant onshore experience first. It’s best to check with whoever you are looking to complete the course with beforehand. With this course under your belt, you will be able to become a day skipper on short day journeys. Learn and practice your skills at manoeuvring, handling and steering with the helping hand of an instructor by your side. From passage planning, engine checks and practical work, the RYA Day Skipper is the course to get you prepared to undertake short coastal trips during daylight.

RYA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Theory Course
If you are aiming to learn more and go above RYA Day Skipper ability, then this advanced theoretical course will cover navigation, tidal heights, restricted visibility, electronic devices and much more. Again, with this course, it’s best to check first what you are already required to know. On completion, you will end up with a theory certificate which helps alongside any existing practical work already undertaken.

So, to really get the full experience and skills to master sailing, start learning with a course that matches your ability.

This post was written on behalf of British Offshore Sailing School (BOSS), a leading provider of RYA practical and shore based sailing courses. Based in Hamble, Hampshire, BOSS has full Royal Yachting Association (RYA) recognition and is run by a team of professional instructors.

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