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By showing off your listing in my directory, you can reach a highly targeted audience at no cost compared to the cost of a yellow-pages ad. In fact, many people search the web for information about sailing schools and boating stores before consulting their local phone book.

People searching for these find my website through my top search engine rankings. I strive to provide relevant information to my visitors, who will all require at some point want actual sailing practice at a sailing school and to buy clothes and accessories from a boating store.

If you are a sailing school that provides sailing instruction or boating store that sells clothes and accessories and would like to be listed in a directory that reaches a highly targeted audience, then you have come to the right place. A listing in my directory can give you the added exposure your sailing school or boating store's needs, allowing you to gain qualified traffic to your club by presenting your sailing instruction services or sailing products to precisely the right audience.

A free listing in my country-specific sailing school or boating store directory is the most effective way to give your sailing school or boating store exposure. Your listing will include:

  • Your Name and Your Club/Store's Name
  • Club/Store's Full Address
  • Phone Number and Fax Number
  • Website Address and Email Address (optional)
  • A description of your Sailing School/Boating Store (up to 100 words)
  • A photo of your Sailing School/Boating Store

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We reserve the right to refuse a listing that we find objectionable.

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