America's Cup Sailing

As a sailing enthusiast, the America's Cup Sailing would be one of my biggest dream come true and that's if I get to participate. It is what keeps me striving to improve on my sailing/boating/yachting (depending on which term you would tend to use but they are all entwined).

Anyway, seasoned and experienced sailors would undoubtedly have heard about the event but if you are new to the sport, you would probably be scurrying to surf the net for answers. Well let me just save you the trouble!

America's Cup Sailing is the number one boat race (or series of boat races); often referred to as regatta) and match race in America. Regattas, while under most circumstances applies to boats that are not powered (without motors); there are also instances where there are powerboat races that have been labelled as regattas.

Basically, a regatta would most often be used when it involves series of boating, sailing, yachting or even gondola races. In this case, it is THE most exclusive and glamorous regatta as well as a match race in sailing. A match race is basically just a regatta involving a two boats sailing boats racing head-to-head in a course.

Phew, so much for the basics. I hope you got the two main definitions there – regatta and match race.

What is even more interesting about this event is that it is the oldest ongoing trophy (yes, there is a trophy or cup involved obviously) in any international sport.

As a matter of fact, it started a whole 45 years earlier than the Olympics even! Now can you see why I am all worked out and hyped about the mention of the event? To tell you all the truth, I have barely scratched the surface of the event!

Now, in addition to being a sailing race for all the best sailors of the world, the event is also known to be a good test of sail design, management skills, fund raising skills, boat design and much more. In other words, on top of it being an event for sailors such as myself (as an example), it will also put an individual or team's management, design and fund raising skills.

The reason is simply because all the boats/yachts need to meet the standard measurements under the stipulated guidelines. It is no secret that to sail, one needs a lot of funds for the boat and gear in addition to just being able to compete. Without the proper management skills, teams would all be without direction and also end up low in spirits.

From the above, you should be able to tell that it is no easy feat to compete in such an event. Needless to say, if you intend to be a part of the America's Sailing Cup one day, you will need to get started sailing today in itself. Even if you do not get to participate in an event such as that, there are many other sailing events at different levels to hone your competitive spirit. Let's sail the waters and soar the wind, you and I both!

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