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Any hot spots you know?

by Nakchura

I'm just curious all of a sudden. Are there any known hot spots for sailing in the world? I may not be able to go there yet if there's any, but its still nice to dream. :P

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Nov 26, 2009
by: Alex

Hi Nakchura,

I have sailed a lot in Greece (you can see my pages on the main website) and thoroughly enjoyed it. They sailing was on the island of Corfu and on the mainland, opposite the island of Levkas with Sunsail and you can read my experiences here.

A great place to sail would have some nice moderate wind (between Force 3 and Force 5) for most sailors to enjoy as well as warm seas and a hot sun (a nice sandy beach wouldn't be too bad either!).

Nov 26, 2009
by: Nakchura

Hey, thanks. Are you the one in the blue shirt with white sleeves? Thanks. I 'm still reading your experience though. Sounds like you really did have a fun time there huh?

Nov 26, 2009
by: Tonette

great place! Ive check it out and its really beautiful !

Nov 26, 2009
by: Alex

Hi Nakchura

Yes all the photos are of me or will be once I have finished putting them up. Yes, Corfu was great fun and I hope to go again!

Nov 26, 2009
by: savvyeyty

Hi there! I just saw it too. Cool. I also just discovered that you're 17. I forgot where you mentioned when I read about it though. Ha ha. Hope I could also go there sometime and try sailing. :lol:

Nov 26, 2009
you'll get there!
by: Alex

Hi Savvyeyty,

I am sure you will get to that point sooner than you think. Just make sure you keep practicing!

Nov 26, 2009
my favourite!
by: savvyeyty

By the way, if its a hot spot for sailing then I know one very well. What else would it be but Caliraya! Its located here in Laguna. Laguna might just be a man made lake but don't underestimate it. Its actually in the upper portion of the Philippines in the mountains and winds here are 90% 12 to 30 knots. 8-)

And if you really want to try to sail with a wind of 80 knots, then its possible to do this here. I've done it once, accidentally that is and I don't think I'd ever want to do that again. Because that wind speed happens here when there's a storm. Ha ha. So in short, its like a suicide. :mrgreen:

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