Buying Used Boats

Buying Used Boats is a much cheaper option to buying new boats. This is because they are usually substantially cheaper (sometimes almost half the price) and also they may have been improved or upgraded in ways that make a new boat look not as good to a used boat.

First thing to think about when thinking about buying a used boat is if you really want it. Buying a used boat might be cheaper than buying a new boat, but there is still a major investment of money and time to spend on the boat else it will just rot in the marina and suck money away from you as docking and maintenance costs. Buying Used Boats Next you need to make sure that you have a plan:

  • Does your wife, your kids, parents, friends, agree with your decision?
  • Have you spent at least a month researching boats that you would like and visiting them in person?
  • Have you been to boat shows recently and actually gone inside the boat?
  • In the case of a yacht, have you ever yachted before and do you have the required qualifications to own a yacht?
  • Have you found possible marinas (and how far away they are from the current location of the boat) and researched boat insurance?
  • Have you set aside time to go and actually enjoy your boat?

If the answer is no or you don't know the answer to any of these questions then you are not ready to own a boat, new or used. Research this idea further and then come back with your plan.

Next question is that of price. Can you afford this boat? Remember that there are maintenance costs, mooring/marina costs, insurance costs and especially time costs associated with this boat. Can you give away that much?

Make sure the price that is being asked for by the seller is realistic and not a scam. My Used Boat Price Guide is a great way to compare the new boat and used boat prices for dinghies and yachts.

If you are still thinking of buying a boat after all this, well done you! I am not trying to discourage you from buying a boat, I am just trying to make it more realistic and make you think what you are planning on doing in a non-idealistic way.

The best place to buy a used boat is from a Used Boat Broker or Dealership (search for classifieds) or eBay. Don't try and find boat classifieds that shjow a price that seems too cheap or sounds like a scam, because it probably is. Find a very reputable seller who has many positive endorsements and you can contact them.

Visiting the boat is the most important thing to do as well as discussing what accessories go with it (like sails, trailer, trolley, etc) so as no legal issues arise later. If you need to, get a marine lawyer to help you out and read the contract or whatever the seller gives you.

If you are unsure about how to see if the boat price is giving you value for money, check out my article on Used Boat Value, which will clear up any misconceptions you may have regarding the price and value of a boat.

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