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Can't afford to learn to sail!

by Alex


I wanted to ask people who do sailing and people that might know an answer to my question, so everyone.

I have always wanted to sail and learn to sail, but with the circumstances, it has not been possible. I am fed up of waiting! I am 28 and I want to live my dream.

The problem I have is I can't afford to do sailing so I was looking for someone to offer me an apprenticeship or earn while you learn but can't find anything.

Please any advice.


Hi Alex,

I would incline to disagree with your argument that sailing is expensive. Learning how to sail is cheap, buying your own boat can be expensive.

I did some research for you and found that South Yorkshire Sailing Club, which is in Sheffield, costs £100 for the whole year and you can learn how to sail there.


Search in Google for some other nearby reservoirs to learn how to sail.

Hope that helps.
Best regards,
Alex Dotsch

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