Caribbean Sailing Vacations: Something in it For Everyone

Caribbean sailing vacations are for people who crave a tropical vacation that will be exotic, loads of fun, unique, and memorable. The warm, beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean are matched only by the sunny blue skies you can count on year round. These beautiful islands may feel like they are a world away from home, but it takes a day of flying from almost anywhere to catch a boat and find your way to these amazing islands.

Make it Special

While it is indeed a great idea to take a boat to Barbados, St. Lucia, St, Martin, or one of the other dozen or so islands in the Caribbean area, you can make even more of your vacation by spending part or all of it aboard a motor yacht, sailing yacht, or catamaran.

Professional sailing crews know how to ensure that you are getting most of your trip, and the services and conveniences aboard the boat will astound you and please you.

Motor yachts provide the most comfort and luxury. The cabins aboard these huge yachts rival the rooms in any 5 star restaurant. Imagine sailing through the Caribbean on a beautiful yacht with a number of other vacationing families, relaxing by the on board pool, jet skiing off the back of the boat, and later indulging yourself in a professional massage.

If you are looking for more sport than luxury, you will love spending your vacation tooling around the Caribbean Sea on a sailing yacht, powered by the wind in the mighty masts of these beautiful boats. Spend the days aboard your chartered vessel, or visit one of the lovely islands in the region and get a taste of the unique culture and beauty to be found there.

In fact, if you make a request ahead, your cruise may even have on board an instructor to teach you the art of scuba diving or undersea photography.

The Vacation of your Dreams

Check out the options at, and you will see that you can choose to spend most of your time on the boat, much of your time on a single island, or hopping from one island to the next. The choice is yours, and there is a chartered vessel to work with whatever your preference may be.

You can also choose a small, intimate vessel that will hold only a few families, or a large, Super or Mega Yacht that will hold many families and is more likely to harbour a party style atmosphere.

Variety is the Spice of Life in the Caribbean

One of the wonderful features of vacationing in the Caribbean is the variety of activities, scenery, and options available. Caribbean sailing vacations can make the most of everything the area has to offer.

You can choose to explore the rain forests found on some of the islands, or to hike the mountains of another. Scuba dive along the coral reefs and take stunning photographs of the wildlife above and below the surface.

Once you have spent the day enjoying the natural wonders of the island, you can shop in the quaint shopping areas, indulge in a wonderful meal and any number of dining establishments, and even go dancing.

If you would prefer, you can dine on your yacht; most boats employ experienced gourmet chefs who create wonderful dishes night after night, so if you wish, you need not leave the boat. It is this wide range of choices that makes Caribbean sailing vacations so great.

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