The Catamaran Cruiser

The Catamaran Cruiser is great fun for the whole family or friends. You can very easily use a catamaran for an outing or picnic as they are just so large.

The catamaran 'deck' is made up of a tarpaulin plastic mesh stitched between the two hulls to form a large area in which lots of people can sit and talk.

Cruising on boats is really fun anyway, but if you are looking for a boat that has the space and comfort of a small yacht (with plenty of room to sunbathe), then a catamaran is a much cheaper option to a small yacht.

It can be sailed single-handily on the cruise while everyone else socialises (give the helm to the social loser on board!) or everyone can have a turn at the helm or you can anchor off somewhere and have an interesting picnic or sunbathe, whilst the boat rocks from side to side.

There is no experience like cruising on a catamaran and it is much more fun than solo sailing on it could ever be. At the same time as sailing you get to talk with your friends of family; how much better could it get?

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