Top 4 Catamaran Manufacturers

There are lots of catamaran manufacturers out there who may try to persuade you to give them your hard earned cash in exchange for a slightly tipsy, wobbly looking boat.

Instead of this scenario occurring, see this top four manufacturers list with the pros and cons of each manufacturer, which includes both yachts and smaller ones.

1. Hobie Cat
My all time favourite and maker's of some of the top catamarans in the world. Most people have heard of them and quite alot of sailors have sailed them, because they are so much fun!

Pros: World renowned brand and great track record as well as stable and smooth sail
Cons: Not much!

2. Lagoon
Making catamarans since 1984, this well known yacht manufacturer makes great catamarans from a large 38ft to a staggering 62ft. Great choice for boat owners further up the yachting ladder.

Pros: Great luxury, speed and aesthetics
Cons: Quite expensive, definitely not an entry level boat

3. Dart
The major competitor to Hobie is the Dart, which is another excellent multi hulled boat, but not as well known (very much like the Microsoft to Linux of the computer world). However like the Hobie it does what it says on the box for a slightly smaller price.

Pros: Cheaper than Hobie
Cons: Not as nice looking a boat and not as large (more entry level)

4. TomCat
TomCat has great entry level boats in the 20ft and 30ft range, which are great for someone just getting into yachting and not wanting to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds. Very nice looking boats and is a great buy. The smaller version is even trailerable!

Pros: Cheaper, but does not sacrifice quality
Cons: For the lower end market as they only go up to 30ft

As you can see there is a great range of boats available, but make sure you check out the boat first and get a feel for it. No one wants to lose thousands of pounds on a boat that they didn't like in the end!

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