Cleaning Sails

It feels like cleaning sails has to be constantly done, since there always seems to be something stuck to it, whether it be some bird pooh or weed from you last capsize.

So how do you get rid of these bits of gunk that are ruining your sails?

well keeping them clean is part luck and part diligence.

Make sure that when you are doing the cleaning the sail is not lying on gravel or anyother rough surface as you may find yourself wearing down one side of the sail whilst cleaning the other.

The easiest way that you should try is just using a hose and watering the entire sail down with soap. However, don't use a power wash, because this may weaken the sail under the pressure.

Then use a soft brush to remove a dirt from the sail and to clean the edges and hard to reach places. After this rinse again with fresh water and continue to do this until all the soap is off the sail.

If you have inverted and there is tar or an oily substance on the sail use cigarette lighter fluid to remove the stain.

Do not ever use bleach on the sails as they will wreck the entire structure of the sails and you will have to go buy new ones.

After cleaning, dry them out in a well ventilated area so that all the water can evaporate off. Try not to flog the sail as this will reduce the integrity of the sail, much like when you leave the sail flapping in the wind.

Before rolling up and putting away, check that all the moisture has gone and make sure that the roll is very loose.

Finally store the sails in a well ventilated area, well away from direct heat such as radiators or fires.

So that was how to clean your sail. Didn't require any serious chemical substances that can harm the environment, such good old water and good old attrition will get the work done.

They worked in the past, why can't they work now?

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