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Don Lytle

I am a retired 80 year old male and I live in Ohio in the U.S.

I worked as an engineer my entire life from a scrubby copy-draftsman to Director of Engineering for a large corporation. If I could pinpoint it, I would say my specialty was designing special machinery although my career wandered all over the engineering field. I loved it!

I don't have a great deal of sailing experience although sailing has been a love since I first went out in a small boat. The only small boat experience I have was occasionally sailing in a Snipe. I was in the U.S. navy for four years and was at sea traveling around the world. I don't live close to any large sailing water so I enjoy reading about people's experiences, admiring small boats and corresponding with a really experienced old sailor in Brittany, France who I met on StartedSailing. This gentleman made his living at the sea and entertains me with his many experiences and knowledge of sailing and he has become a good friend. He is the sailing history "expert" on this website.

I don't have a very exciting history but enjoy the Started Sailing website and I wish you all well and hope you continue to entertain me with your stories.


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