Exercise for Seniors

Older people should not be discouraged from sailing, since it is a great exercise for seniors. As people get older they become less mobile and so unable to walk as far or do as much exercise as they used to.

However the versatility of sailing is such that you don't have to do much in sailing, if you only sail light winds, but you will still get more exercise than sitting in your favourite couch.

I know people who are well into their 60s and 70s and are still sailing albeit not as well as they used to, but are still enjoying it as much as ever.

If you are in anyway incapacitated, there are dinghies that can be provided for you, such as the Challenger, which is a trimaran with a seat.

I have sailed that boat many times and can say it is just as fun (if not more fun!) than a normal mono hulled dinghy, except that it is practically impossible to capsize and is far more stable than anyother dinghy available.

That should qualm any fears of being capsized and having to swim around while waiting for help. This boat doesn't capsize! So no capsize drill or swimming ability needed!

Older people also tend to get lonelier and since sailing is such a social sport, it is beneficial mentally as well as physically as you can finish the day with an argument or two about the technicalities of sailing with the old salty dogs around the table whilst finishing a pint!

As you can see, sailing is not just for the young and the middle aged, its for everyone of any age, as long as they want to put the effort in.

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