Exercises for Women

Women sail too! That is why it is imperative you read our exercises for women tips so that you can perform better at sailing and not be held back by a lack of fitness or strength.

I do not claim to be an expert on women's fitness (far from it!), however I do know that you need to be fit if you want to sail well. If you want to sail to have fun, then of course you don't have to be particularly fit or strong.

However, if you want to race and win, it is important to be fit so that you can go on for longer without being tired and have the strength to pull in the sails on windy days.

Fitness is gained by cardiovascular exercise, whilst strength is gained from weight lifting and body weight exercises. There are many gyms, personal fitness instructors and websites that can help you get what you want out of your body.

I searched around the web to find some information that would be useful for women and contain information on women's exercise.

Several sites caught my eye:

    • WomenFitness.net - Rated World No. 1 for Women's Health and is an online guide to healthy living and optimal fitness. You'll learn practical and enjoyable ways of healthy eating and exercising.
    • Women-Workout-Routines.com - Get free women's exercise information, workout video guides and fitness tips.
    • Exercise and Weight Loss Resources for Women - Many pages of information and further links on fitness and strength building for women.

    I hope this has helped you if you feel a little intimidated by the idea of exercising and fitness. These websites will help you much more than I can, since my fitness solutions are centred on improving sailing performance.

    If you want to take your exercise more seriously or are a little confused about how to get started, they can help you.

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