Fastest Catamaran

The Fastest Catamaran goes very quick as catamarans are the fastest type of boat. With only small two hulls (that have a smaller area than a normal hull), the water resistance is greatly reduced and on Broad and Beam reaches it goes very fast.
But the very fastest one is called Orange II, which is about 36.8m and was designed so that it could go in straight lines at very fast speeds. In August 2004, the Orange II was used to try and break the transatlantic speed record, which it missed by only minutes, but managed to acheive the accolade of having the farthest distance covered in 24 hours (706.2 miles).

In 2005, the Orange II destroyed the earlier set record of going around the world by seven days. This catamaran is 'uber' fast and the team behind it are hoping to take more world records by force.

Soon though it is likely a new even faster boat will emerge, as technology has improved so far in the 3-4 years since these achievements were set, however for this we will have to wait and see!

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