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Head of Sail Shape

by Harvey Chichester
(Hudson WI)

I see many modern boats have the head of the sail extending back up to several feet before the leach heads down to the boom. If I get a new Main Sail built for my Ranger 23, what are the pros and cons of extending the sail head before sloping it down to the boom?

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Sep 30, 2009
Building out the head of the sail.
by: Han

Hi Harvey,
You are very right by sounding out pro's and con's, because what you think of will be a rather expensive operation (for an elderly boat), and the result could be disappointing.
First, a built-out sail has to be custom-built and that's more expensive than a regular one, all the more because you'll need a full-battened sail.
Second, the extra area lies far above and a bit behind the centre of effort, which will result in more heel and the helm will be harder to handle, because the boat will have a tendency to luff.
If I were you, I'd take a regular main and invest in a second genoa with a longer foot, thus creating a forceful chimney, and thus more lift, just where it belongs: at the centre of effort.
If you need this elaborated, please let me know. You can also find more Ranger 23 sailors at, who could also advise you.
Anyway, I wish you a lot of sailing-pleasure.

Aug 05, 2015
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