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Historical Sailboat

by Mrs. Gutow

My husband purchased a 33 foot sailboat named the Sea Gypsy built in 1924. Upon doing some google-ing I came across the fact that COOPER, Merian Caldwell wrote a novel titled the Sea Gypsy in the same year. His most famous work was King Kong in 1933.

My question is how do I find out who this boat belonged to and its history. I want to do it quick because my husband wants to part it out.

Any helpful info would be awesome!


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Mar 03, 2011
This will be like finding a needle in a country full of haystacks.
by: Han

Dear Mrs Gutow,

I would have liked to give you the answers you search for; reality however comes in as a spoil-sport as it so often does.
Lots of boats were built in the years between the great wars, in the USA as well as in Europe. Their owners, romantic souls as sailers are, gave them romantic names amongst which Sea Gypsy was a rather common one along the English-speaking coasts. Even in Norway and The Netherlands I spotted some.
The only hope you have is to try a search for the builder, which will only succeed if he was an outstanding one if not famous; if so, you should be able to find his name on a plaque on or in the hull. Other sources could be the logbooks of the owners, some of which have been preserved in libraries of nautical musea.
I tried an extensive search on google too, but found zilch.

Sorry to disappoint you,



Sep 11, 2011
sea gypsy
by: j camping

my father made a boat. named the sea gypsy is it a all wood ship?

Sep 15, 2015
The only hope NEW
by: murphy_d05

The only hope you have is to try a search for the builder, which will only succeed if he was an outstanding one if not famous.

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Sep 29, 2015
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Nov 06, 2015
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