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Just Started Sailing...Should I Buy A Catamaran?

by Kelly
(Okinawa, Japan)

I am just in the process of learning to sail, and have a lot to learn. There is a 16' catamaran for sale here thatIi am thinking of buying, but I want a boat that I will be able to take out a few miles to some other islands. However, the main thing I want to do is just cruise up and down the coast and Scuba dive. Will a small catamaran be able to accomplish that or should I wait for something else?


Hi Kelly,

No I'd say go for it! It sounds like a great opportunity, if it is within your budget.

You should be able to sail a few miles in a catamaran, but it may take you an hour or so depending on wind speed. You can also buy an anchor to use so that you can go scuba diving.

Of course the issue is that you are only just learning to sail and so it is quite an investment for such a new hobby. However if you feel that sailing is something you want to commit to, go for it! And of course use this website to help you along!

Best Regards,

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